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Certifications and awards


We have been working during 10 years for international tourism and Foreign Investment in Colombia, providing support for national entrepreneurs by implementing services that facilitate the design and execution of their strategies. This task has been rewarded with awards from domestic and foreign.


  • Gran Cruz de Cotelco. The Vice-presidency of Tourism received an award by getting the degree of Commander, the highest distinction provided to the hotel sector to companies and people that have served the country and the national tourist sector.


  • Destino Revelador - Brasil 2009. Revealing Destination) Award provided by the Brazilian publisher Abril, under the category of Merit to Institutional marketing
  • Position 16 between 181 national agencies in charge of foreign investment, according to a survey of the World Bank
  • Best state web page. The official tourism portal of PROCOLOMBIA - – received this award in the “Colombia en Línea 2009” (Colombia Online 2009) awards.
  • PROCOLOMBIA received an acknowledgement for the creation and implementation of the National System of Administrative Investment Obstacles – SINOI-.


  • La Rosa de los Vientos ACOPET - Colombia 2008.Award provided to the best tourism promoting government agency in the country.
  • Most outstanding entity in the development of the Government Online program - Colombia 2008. Most outstanding entity in the development of the Government Online program. Acknowledgement provided to PROCOLOMBIA by ANDICOM (International Telecommunications Congress).
  • FENALCO Awards - Colombia 2008 .The entity received an acknowledgement for the "Colombia es Pasión" (Colombia is Passion) campaign from the National Federation of Traders.


  • Portafolio Award -  Colombia 2007. Special mention in the Human Resource Management category.

  • Great Place to Work - United States 2007. Ranked on position number 20 among the best places to work in.


  • Leading investment information provision agency. Leading investment information provision agency. Award given to PROCOLOMBIA as an acknowledgement of its best practices in "finding the information needs of the Investor".

  • Best Practice: Investor information to go.Acknowledgement provided by the World Bank to PROCOLOMBIA for offering solutions and services through its webpage as required by potential investors within their investment decision making process.

  • American Design Awards - United States 2006.The Country Brand received an award of excellence in communication and graphic design for the logo and the design of the “Colombia es Pasión” campaign.

  • Best State Internet Site - Colombia 2006.Colombia Online Awards.

  • Great Place to Work -  United states 2006.Ranked position number 19, PROCOLOMBIA is the only state entity included in the list of best companies to work for in Colombia.


  • Child Fashion International Exhibit - Colombia 2005.PROCOLOMBIA Bucaramanga was awarded for its constant collaboration with the exporting sector and especially for the support provided to the Child Fashion International Exhibit, in benefit of Santander state exporters..


  • World TPO Awards 2004 - Suiza 2004.Winner, award given in Malta.

  • Fourth place among 82 government entities in the world - United Kingdom 2004.Agile government survey, carried out by the British Firm AT Kerney and The Economist magazine.

  • Grand Prix, Award of Awards - Rusia 2004 .Company Jaroma Ltda., supported by PROCOLOMBIA, received this prize for the best flower quality and decoration product in the Expoflower 2004 international fair.
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