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PROCOLOMBIA Tourism, Foreign Investment and Exports promotion

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Colombia, the destination the international convention tourism market was looking for

Turistas Extranjeros Visitando Guatavita Colombia, the destination the international convention tourism market was looking for
Journalists from Germany, France, Canada, the United States, Brazil and Uruguay learned about Colombia's offering in this sector, as guests of PROCOLOMBIA.

A group of international journalists specializing in tourism acknowledged Colombia as an attractive destination for holiday and convention tourism, after learning about the country's offering in those segments.

The French, Canadian, U.S., Brazilian and Uruguayan journalists, who also attended the business matchmaking macro-forum Colombia Travel Mart 2012, arranged by PROCOLOMBIA, highlighted the number of business appointments (3,017) among the domestic entrepreneurs and buyers from 26 countries.

Ivo Baumann, German journalist from MICE ICJ, highlighted the convention tourism offering the country boasts. "Colombia is the destination the international convention tourism market was looking for," he said.

Along with Baumann, five more journalists from Meedex Monitor from France, Canadian Traveler from Canada, Association News from the United States, Brasil Turis from Brazil, and Mundo Turístico from Uruguay, will be entrusted with international dissemination of what the country has to offer in terms of tourism.

"What I most like about Colombia is coffee and salsa, and the best of it all is that here it is possible to find the right places to live these pleasures. I definitely recommend these places, where you can find coffee and others where you can find music, like Cali," said Baumann.

He added that "in the MICE sector we talk about "themes"; we are always looking for original and authentic themes, and that is precisely what you can find in Colombia. What you can't find in your own country is what you look for when you travel abroad. To learn about the music, the culture, and discover ways of thinking. Here you can find coffee, music, food, and fruit!, I know there are over 500 different types!"

He also underlined the importance of the image of the country. "I have found there is nothing unsafe about this country, I have felt safe at all times, so I think everything we've heard about Colombia, the fear of visiting here, is all a lie. Here you can find the mountains, the sea, everything in a single place. I see many possibilities to hold meetings, fam trips, congresses, and given Europe's current economic situation, we are looking for destinations that generate stability in the long term. This is a business, and Colombia is an excellent option."

The journalists also visited Bogota, had the opportunity to enjoy its gastronomy, hotels and the most popular tourist attractions like the Guatavita lagoon, the Gold Museum, the Salt Cathedral and La Candelaria historical sector.

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