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For more than 100 years, Colombia has been an important contributor to the fashion industry around the world. We have a strong history of manufacturing textiles and apparel for the fashion leaders. Just last year we exported to 139 countries. The finest needlework, highly trained workers and skilled management have built Colombia’s reputation for beautiful attention to detail, design and craftsmanship. Today, our textile and apparel industry has more than 1,000 companies providing everything from buttons and detailed stitch work to fully constructed haute couture. As a result of its great connectivity, competitive lead times, resource diversity, and 100 years of experience, Colombia’s textile and apparel industry has become a magnet for international buyers to find the best high-end competitive products. Here you will find why Colombia is ready to fulfill your expectations and needs of your customers.

  • More than 100 years of tradition, experience, and development: This industry offers more than 100 years of experience in manufacturing fabrics and apparel for the fashion industry, locally and internationally. Colombia has become a hub in Latin America thanks to its competitive production and pricing performance during the last ten years. With exports exceeding one million dollars per year, Colombia is currently a competitive supplier of apparel and textile goods in Latin America.
  • Quality and High-End Products: Colombian companies go the extra mile.  Apparel and Textile production is enacted according to quality standards, which guarantee the design, size, and color gamut to satisfy international market standards. There is a corporate culture to keep an eye for detail, always work with high-quality materials, and ensure a swift production process.
  • Competitive Delivery times: The average delivery time is 28 days.
  • Competitive Lead Costs: Colombia has beaten Asian countries in pricing through shortening delivery times because of its near shore proximity to the U.S.
  • Innovation for Flexible Production and Fast Turn-Around: Colombian companies have invested heavily in technology to generate efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility to adapt to consumer demands and styles at any production level
  • Research and Development: The combination of abundance in raw materials, technology and pursuit of research has made Colombia an attractive hub to push innovation boundaries.
  • Customized Sourcing Solutions: Colombian companies offer a variety of customized sourcing solutions that meet and exceed global trends and technology innovations.
  • Exceptional Needle Work, Highly Trained Workers, Skilled Management: Attention to detail and outstanding needlework has almost become a trademark of Colombian ingenuity
  • Eco-friendly Manufacturing Capabilities: Colombian producers offer Eco-green solutions made with organic textiles.
  • A Social Responsible Industry: This industry is committed to being socially responsible responding to the needs of the community by supporting several social responsible programs benefiting mothers, people who have been displaced by violence in the countryside and others
  • Vertically Integrated Industry Full Package: Colombia’s industry has vertically integrated processes that include design, cut, print, and distribution.
  • Every Year Colombia Hosts Specialized Sourcing Tradeshows:
  • Colombiamoda (July): Colombia’s main platform for local brands and factories featuring over 400 exhibitors. Tailor-made factory visits are offered to US companies seeking full package solutions.   

    Colombiatex (January): Colombia’s main platform for textile and raw materials for the apparel industry. Over 450 exhibitors. Tailor-made factory visits are offered to US companies seeking full package solutions.

  • Preferential Tariffs: As a result of the signed Free Trade Agreement between the U.S. and Colombia, American buyers can enjoy 0% tariff in a great number of textiles and apparel products; some of which are listed below:



Top sought after Colombian Products Abroad:
Over the past five years, the top exporting clothing products have steadily been jeans, cotton pants and bras representing 23.9% in 2007 and 27.5% in 2011 of the total production share. Many other apparel products are produced including cotton T-shirts, towels and kitchen supplies.
The Industry in Colombia

In 2011, the textile industry grew 7% and the apparel industry grew by 9%. The sector represents over 12% of the industrial GDP and about 2% of the national GDP.

Between 2003 and 2010, production in Colombia had an average annual growth of 8%.

The textile industry accounts for more than 5% of total Colombian exports, becoming the most important sector of non – traditional products exported from Colombia.

In 2011, the textile industry grew 7% and the apparel industry grew by 9%.

The Sector’s performance in 2011 accounted for U.S $1.4 billion in exports.

This industry generates about 130,000 direct jobs and 750,000 indirect jobs.

Last year nearly 1,356 companies registered exports. Ten of them contributed with more than 40% of the apparel sales abroad.

Colombia has almost 450 textile and 10,000 apparel manufactures. Of these, most are small factories, as 50% have between 20 to 60 sewing machines.

PROCOLOMBIA is the Colombian Government Trade Bureau in charge of promoting Foreign Investment, International Tourism and Non-Traditional Exports. The Textile and Apparel Sector is one of the most exceptional for Colombia as it benefits from the signed Free Trade Agreement with the United States with a 0% duty and no quota in all imports.
Colombia’s strategic location in South America, allows fast access to the USA offering competitive lead times, flexible quantities, excellent needle work, vertical integrated production and personalized solutions to deliver outstanding service. At WWD 2013, PROCOLOMBIA brings you some of the top knit and woven sourcing manufacturing companies from Colombia.
For more information, contact us: sreyes@procolombia.co